End that “nothing to wear” feeling forever!

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Is getting dressed a daily struggle? 

You feel like you should know how to put together an outfit, but you don’t.  When you aren’t sure what your best colors are and what clothing flatters you, getting dressed can feel defeating.  Wouldn’t it be great if you had expert help and style tools to look and feel fabulous?

Do you have SO MANY CLOTHES but can’t find anything to wear?

Over-stuffed closets are stressful, frustrating and overwhelming.  Sometimes they are so full we can’t even see what we have.  What if there was an end to the decision fatigue of choosing outfits every day?

Do you feel like you’ve lost your style? 

It’s easy to end up in a style rut.  Life is busy and sometimes you just grab what fits and kind of works, even if you don’t really like it.  It’s so hard to get dressed every day when you feel self-conscience in your clothes.  How great would it be to feel confident and beautiful again?

Are you tired of throwing money away on clothes you never wear? 

You put time and good money into clothes shopping so it’s frustrating when you don’t wear what’s in your closet.  You want to wear these items, but you don’t know what to wear them with.  What if you could create the outfits you want with just a few pieces?


There is a solution and you'll be amazed at just how easy it is!


Say No More. I Want My Planner Now!

 The Winter 2022 Collection 


The Closet Outfit Planner shows you how to build a full season's wardrobe with just 27 pieces.  Many of the items are already in your closet!
This season arrives with a cheerful spirit that feels oh, so cozy and bright! We are excited to feature five unique categories of outfits with inspiration for both country and city living.
Running Errands, Evening Out, Cozy at Home, Travel Ready and Festive Occasion are the five categories highlighted with six outfit pairings each. We realize you may do more city living that requires a certain look and feel, while others do life in the country and need a more relaxed look, so we’ve brought you both!
No more worrying about what to wear; just copy an outfit and know it’s perfect for the occasion while lounging at home or heading out to celebrate with friends and family. Enjoy the beauty of the season and look spectacular while doing so! 

Outfit planning has never been so easy!

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#1 Closet Inventory Checklist 

Find out what you already have in your closet so you don't spend unnecessary dollars.  


#2 Possible Pairings Guide

We've done the work for you and put together 30 fabulous outfits so all you have to do is copy a look, get dressed and head out the door! 


#3 Outfits Made Simple Chart

This chart gives you an additional 150+ combinations so you never run out of outfit ideas for every occasion! 


#4 Body Shape Key

The Body Shape Key helps you create these outfits based on your shape!


#5 Shopping Links

For each of the 27 recommended clothing items, we've linked to stores for all kinds of budgets, shapes and sizes - plus unique style inspiration. It's like having your own stylist right at your fingertips!  


#6 Accessories, Shoes and Handbags Guide

We’ve sorted through the trends and selected the ones that work for real women like us. You'll know just what to buy to look modern yet classy and in style.



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In addition to festive pops and stunning hues, the Winter Closet Outfit Planner has you covered with all the texture and shine that abounds this season in swoon-worthy fabrics. Whether in the form of faux leather pants, a shimmering lurex sweater, sequin skirt or blazer, soft knit loungewear, or luxurious velvet blouse — it’s all about texture and touch. Get ready for dazzling, touchable style! 
The Body Shape Key based on the incredible bOd-X Shape System is a favorite feature. It's a detailed guide on how to style each outfit pairing according to your personal shape. You'll feel confident and comfortable in every outfit.


The Closet Outfit Planner comes complete with 30 outfits so all you have to do is copy an outfit  - without having to think about it! You also get an Accessory Guide plus a Color Key section that includes trending patterns for Winter 2022. Your pairings pages are filled with outfit inspiration that will keep you feeling fresh, relevant and beautifully styled this season.

Here's how it works in 5 easy steps!


1. Choose the Closet Outfit Planner

Choose a planner based on your Color Code. If you don't know which one to get, take the free Color Quiz below!

2. Download Your Planner

Keep it on your phone or computer so you have easy access. Print out the 22 page PDF and keep in a binder!

3. Inventory Your Closet 

Inventory your closet using the Closet Inventory Checklist. You'll see what you already have, and what needs added. We link to online shopping for all sizes and budgets.

4. Re-create the Outfits

Choose outfits from the Possible Pairings Guide and follow the tips in the Body Shape Key for your body shape. No more thinking about what works for you - we've done the work so all you have to do is get dressed!

5. Check Your Reflection

Look in the mirror and say, "WOW! I look beautiful and feel confident!"
ENJOY! You're going to LOVE this simple way of putting outfits together!
-Shari and the Closet Outfit Planner Team
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Hear What Others Have to Say...

Barb Roose 

 Speaker & Author of Surrendered: Letting Go and Living Like Jesus + Warm Color Code
"I can’t tell you how many times I’ve texted a photo of myself to Shari from a store dressing room in an outfit with the words 'So, is this the right outfit for me?' She’s got the eye and expertise for knowing how to dress every woman to look her best, no matter her age or stage or shape!
Now, with Shari’s Closet Outfit Planner, you get Shari’s style savvy BEFORE you get into the dressing room. This planner gives you the shopping confidence to look your best without the added 'should I buy this' stress!"

Katy McCown

Bible Teacher, Author, & Founder of the She Laughs Conference + Soft Color Code
"Shari has been my go-to fashion consultant for more than seven years. I use her color codes and have used her Closet Outfit Planner every season since it first came out. My friends have even noticed my wardrobe has 'stepped up!" As a wife, mother of six, author, and president of a non-profit ministry, Shari makes dressing simple, so I can dress with confidence and keep my focus on the things that matter most. Shari’s resources give me what I need to feel equipped and confident to create an outward appearance that reflects the inner beauty of Jesus. Thank you, Shari!"

Kathi Lipp

Author of Clutter Free + Warm Color Code
"I love the Closet Outfit Planner! What a great way to not only know what you have in your closet, but to actually USE those pieces in ways I’ve never thought of before. If you’re looking for a way to increase the power of each outfit, without having to increase the size of your closet, the Closet Outfit Planner is the best tool I’ve used to do just that."

Jill Savage

Host of No More Perfect Podcast, Author of No More Perfect Marriages, Mom of 5, Grandma of 8 + Cool Color Code
"I am fashion challenged and this is why I tap into everything Shari Braendel creates. I desperately needed a way to make outfits easy for me to put together and that’s why I love the Closet Outfit Planner! It makes dressing for success easy!"   

Susan Seay

Host of Mentor for Moms Podcast (top 1.5% of all podcasts!), International Speaker and Certified Life Coach + Deep Color Code
"My life is busy. That's why I LOVE the Closet Outfit Planner. Whether I'm spending the day with my six kids or catching a flight to speak at a conference, I have plenty of options to help me look put together."

How women just like you are styling with the Closet Outfit Planner...

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