End that “nothing to wear” feeling forever!

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๐ŸŒธIs getting dressed a daily struggle?  


๐ŸŒธDo you have SO MANY CLOTHES but can’t find anything to wear? 


๐ŸŒธDo you feel like you’ve lost your style? 


๐ŸŒธAre you tired of throwing money away on clothes you never wear?  



There is a solution and you'll be amazed at just how easy it is!


A message from Shari!

Say No More. I Want My Planner Now!

 The 2023 Spring+Summer Collection 


The 2023 Spring+Summer Closet Outfit Planner shows you how to build a full season's wardrobe with just 27 pieces.  Many of the items are already in your closet! 12 additional pieces are added with the Summer Lookbook!


This 6 month planner is filled with fresh color palettes and inspiration that will instantly elevate your style. The carefully selected pieces will motivate you to new levels of confident outfit planning while helping you curate a beautiful spring and summer wardrobe.


Running Errands, Sunday Brunch, Backyard BBQ, Beach Day, Resort Style, Weekend Get-a-Way, Sports & Leisure, Evening Out and Spring Celebrations are the nine categories highlighted with six outfit pairings each. We know these seasons are full of activity so we’ve carefully considered the clothes you might need for all kinds of events. We’ve got you covered with expert outfit inspiration that will ensure you feel beautiful and confident no matter what the day brings! 

Outfit planning has never been so easy!

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This wardrobe plan transitions seamlessly from Spring to Summer. It incorporates four colors (two neutrals and two trending shades) that complement your coloring and work together to make fabulous outfits for any and every occasion.

As Memorial Day approaches, you’ll receive an additional supplement with your Summer collection of 12 extra pieces for seasonal inspiration. It will also include one stunning new shade that mixes and matches with the four colors from your Spring collection to ensure your outfits always feel put together and cohesive.
The Body Shape Key based on the incredible bOd-X Shape System is a favorite feature. It's a detailed guide on how to style each outfit pairing according to your personal shape. The Swimwear Style Guide in the Summer Lookbook takes the guesswork out of choosing your swimsuit. You'll feel confident and comfortable in every outfit, even poolside or at the beach!


The Spring + Summer Closet Outfit Planner & Lookbook come complete with 80+ outfits so all you have to do is copy an outfit  - without having to think about it! The carefully selected pieces will motivate you to new levels of confident outfit planning while helping you curate a beautiful wardrobe.


You also get an Accessory Guide plus a Color Key section that includes trending patterns for Spring and Summer 2023. Your pairings pages are filled with outfit inspiration that will keep you feeling fresh, relevant, and beautifully styled this season.

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