The FREE 5 Day Challenge Begins September 27th!

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Join us for FIVE DAYS of fashion, fun and refreshment!  


What's Inside the 5 Day Challenge


Body Shape Adventure: Foundation FUN-damentals

If you really want to level up your style this fall, it all starts with your foundation. We'll discover your personal body shape and you'll learn how to choose the proper undergarments and shapers that will help you feel great no matter the outfit.


Color Adventure: Shift Your Outfit Into Neutral

This day is all about focusing on the neutrals that look best with your particular coloring. I'll show you how to create beautiful, neutral outfits through monochromatic dressing and you'll leave inspired to put together looks that feel effortlessly chic!


Denim Adventure: Pick the Perfect Jeans for Your Body Shape

Jeans are a staple of every fall wardrobe, so let's take the stress out of shopping and discover what styles suit you best! This lesson will feel like a big exhale as you walk away knowing exactly what to look for next time you hit the stores.


Makeup Adventure: 5 Tips Every Woman Should Know

Whether you love trying new makeup looks or you wear very little, you'll come away from this lesson feeling more confident than ever. I've learned a few tricks along the way that make the process of putting on makeup easy breezy.


Closet Adventure: How to Create a Personal Boutique

Does your closet feel overwhelming or overstuffed? Do you love learning new organizational hacks? Then you'll enjoy this lesson where you'll learn how you to downsize your pieces and create a wardrobe you'll not only love, but actually wear! Talk about a stress-reliever!


Confidence Boosting FUN!

  • LIVE Teaching

    The free 5 day challenge includes LIVE instruction at 2pm ET each day so you know exactly what steps to take!

  • Daily Challenges

    The fun starts here! The daily challenges will motivate you to new levels of confidence!

  • Community Support

    You'll have access to our Style Squad and Image Consultants to guide you on your fashion adventure!


5 Day Fall Fashion Challenge

The FREE challenge begins September 27th! LIVE lessons are at 2pm ET each day.