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Become a Certified Color Consultant!

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During the 2-day Color Analysis Workshop you'll learn:


The 6-Part Color Code System

Developed by Shari Braendel, the Color Code System is considered one of the clearest and easiest ways to understand how color works with a person's natural coloring. The method takes into consideration the three properties of color; hue, value and chroma.


Color Theory

Because we live in a highly visual world it is important to master the art of visual communication with a solid grasp of color theory. Once learned, you'll be able to determine correct color combinations for individual clients and the reason behind your choices.


The Color Experience

Once you learn the method of the Color Code System, you will discover how to create the ultimate experience for your clients by providing first-class color analysis instruction for the ultimate 'wow' factor!

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You + The Color Academy = Everything you need to get started!


Maybe you've thought: "If only I could do something to help others look and feel great!"

Or maybe: You've dreamed of having your own business doing something you love!

Either way: This provides both! Isn't it time to make your dream a reality?!

You'll have CONFIDENCE as a Certified Color Consultant!

  • You'll be able to identify the specific color characteristics of individuals.
  • You'll learn how to provide a unique color experience for each person who consults with you in-person or virtually.
  • You'll help your clients know how to choose colors that look best on them by using the Color Code swatches and/or digital color collections!

A Note From Shari...

Hi! I'm so glad you're here! I've been in the image industry for over 30 years and it all began in Miami, Florida where I graduated from college with a degree in Fashion Merchandising.  After working a few years as a buyer and manager for a specialty store's cosmetic department, I ventured out on my own and opened an image consulting firm.  I became FASCINATED with color when Color Me Beautiful blew onto the scene...I could NOT get enough of learning about it! I was trained in the 4 seasonal system, and then the 12 seasonal system until I developed my own system years later (I'll tell you all about that in class!) Eventually I moved to North Carolina and that is when I started speaking and writing (after spending seven years in Mary Kay where I earned 3 pink Cadillacs until God called me out on my own). In 2010, my first book came out called "Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad" and that's the same year I started my Christian Image Consultant Academy. The Color Academy began a few years ago to keep up with the demand of those who wanted to be trained as Color Consultants. I have so much to teach you and can't wait to get to know you!



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What's Included...


#1- 2 days of Virtual Training with Shari as your instructor

As an expert in the field of Color and Style, Shari has been invited to speak at national image and style events to share her expertise with other professional stylists. She is a sought after speaker and respected authority on the topic of image, color and style.

#2-Lifetime access to your Virtual Training Workshop

You'll always have access to your training! Unlike being in class where you may forget some of the information you learned, with full access to your training library, you can go back again and again to review your lessons.

#3-Private Facebook Group

Color Academy students are invited to take part in a private Facebook community to share, ask questions, and get support.

Hear What Others Have to Say...

Andrea Holmes

“My vision for my business was to equip women with the confidence to be their best self! The Color Academy provided such a wonderful opportunity to bring that to fruition.” - Andi

Tabitha Dumas

"I'm blessed to use my Color Academy training to help women dress and shop with confidence every day. Color knowledge is powerful!"- Tabitha

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