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Your True Colors for the Perfect Wardrobe

  • Do you know which colors look great on you?
  • Not sure if your outfits look color balanced?
  • Don't worry!

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 Have you ever had one of these scenarios happen to you? 


Have you ever stood in the dressing room not knowing if a certain color looks good on you? It’s so hard to tell with the harsh store lighting and the possibility that the sales clerk just wants you to make a purchase.  It’s often easier to leave the items in the store.  Shopping can be so overwhelming! 

Do you ever buy something in a style you like, take it home and never wear it? Why don’t you like it as much as you did in the store?  Is it because you don’t have anything to pair it with, or could it be something else? 

Have you ever felt like you aren’t presenting your best self? Have you wished you looked nicer so you could be confident when you meet people?  These feelings can make you feel self-conscience and fuel low self-esteem.  Every woman wants to feel beautiful!


Knowing your best colors is the solution for each of these scenarios!

  • No more shopping confusion! You can know exactly what colors are your best and start buying pieces that look great.
  • No more clothes you buy but don’t wear! You can create a wardrobe that flatters and makes you feel fantastic!
  • No more self-consciousness! The right colors make your skin look fresher, your teeth look whiter, and your eyes look brighter - you will look more awake, energized and younger!

Your best colors can do all this!  Thousands of women have found their best colors by our in-person color consultants and through our online system. We have SIX Color Collections based on the colors that work best for your particular coloring, aka your Color Category! If you don't know your personal Color Category, take the COLOR QUIZ and discover yours!


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Have your best colors at your fingertips!


 Save time and money with flattering and focused color options.  The Digital Color Collection will help you dress with style and create a wardrobe that makes you look and feel fantastic! 

This unique color tool is a set of your 36 best colors you can access right from your phone, tablet or computer and a 12 page color guide. Plus, twice a year you will also receive your best fashion trend colors! With these high definition colors you’ll be able to shop with confidence.  

Get yours today!

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Digital Color Collections & Color Guide 

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