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End your winter wardrobe "blahs"!

  • Is getting dressed a daily struggle?
  • Do you wish putting holiday outfits together was effortless?
  • Wish you had a personal stylist to help you choose your outfits?
  • Not sure what works for your body type and coloring?
  • Don’t worry. You’re not alone.  

I have a solution for you, and you'll be amazed at just how easy it is.

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Closet Outfit Planner

How it works:


The Closet Outfit Planner based on your best colors!

You are unique! Based on your dominant color characteristics, there are certain colors that look better on you than others. The Color Code System was developed in 2007 and thousands of women have found their best colors by our in-person color consultants and through our online system. If you don't know your personal Color Code, take the COLOR QUIZ and discover yours!


It's like having a stylist in your closet!

The Winter Essentials Collection is unique as it focuses on creating a complete wardrobe from basic pieces you already have in your closet. This 18-page downloadable, creative guide showcases a range of neutrals to choose from. You'll learn how to give each item new life with creative pairings and holiday sparkle! We include a closet inventory checklist, 30 outfit combinations with photos PLUS a guide with over 150 outfit options!


Shopping links provided so you can shop right from your phone or computer!

Links are provided so you can just click and purchase without ever leaving your home or office. All sizes, budgets and stores are included, along with pieces for different body shapes and clothing personality styles.


Hear What Others Have to Say...

Cheryl Bullock

I used to stress and worry about what I was going to wear and trying to put together outfits was time consuming. When I was working I'd spend time every evening making sure I knew what I was going to wear the next morning. Using the COP is very freeing, clothes work with each other and the colors are flattering on me. Now I'm excited to get dressed, I'm not stressing and I look nicer. Bless you Shari Braendel!!  

Leesa Chesnut

I love getting the planners even if I change up the colors! Shari Braendel and her team are the BEST about putting together outfits and helping me do the same!

Meg Cheyfitz

I love the closet outfit planner! I can put an outfit together without even thinking. So many choices with just a few pieces. With the COP I always feel put together and chic!  

Cynthia Ki

The COP has really helped me to learn about my own style and what works for ME. I have always struggled with comparison and worry if I'm doing something right. With the COP I have finally realized that I AM doing it right because this is what works for me. I find that I no longer look at others and say, " I wish I could wear that" because I'm so comfortable with my style and colors. The Closet Outfit Planner has given me such a great template to know what is in my closet and how to put it all together that I don't have to spend a long time deciding what goes with what. And the best thing is I don't waste time shopping the entire season!

Hi, I’m Shari!

I am thrilled to bring you this new Closet Outfit Planner so you, literally, don’t have to be anxious about what to wear ever again. It is outfit planning made simple, just for you!
A few years ago, I created the 27 Hangers Closet Online Program that empowers and enables women to clean out their closets and get to 27 items. We've had several thousand women use the program with amazing results, but I knew it needed something more.                                That’s when the Closet Outfit Planner was born! Based on your color analysis result (aka: your ColorCode) I have hand-selected the 27 pieces you will need in your closet for this Winter season.




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What's Included...


#1 Closet Inventory Checklist 

This checklist allows you to inventory what you already have so you won't spend unnecessary dollars on items you may already own. 

#2 Possible Pairings Guide

We've done the work for you and put together 30 BEAUTIFUL outfits so all you have to do is copy a look, get dressed and head out the door!

#3 Private Facebook Group

Closet Outfit Planner customers are invited to take part in a private Facebook Community to share photos of your outfits, ask questions, and get support 24/7.

#4 Outfits Made Simple Chart

If the Possible Pairings Guide isn't enough inspiration for you, we've included a chart with an additional 150 combinations so you never run out of ideas for outfits!

#5 Shopping Links

For each of the 27 recommended clothing items, we've linked to stores for all kinds of budgets and unique style inspiration to make shopping a breeze! It's like having your own stylist right at your fingertips!

Click the Photo below to Order the Winter Casual Luxe Essentials Closet Outfit Planner!

You can still get the Fall 2021 Closet Outfit Planner!
Click here to order: Fall '21 COP

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