$27.00 USD

27 Hangers Course

  • 8 Video Lessons to learn how to get your wardrobe to 27 pieces 
  • A downloadable PDF worksheet
  • Support from the Style by Color team
  • Forums for interacting with other 27 Hangers students
  • Access to the 27 Hangers VIP Facebook Group

What Others Are Saying:

Amazing!!! Now I feel I have the tools for an awesome, functional, cost saving wardrobe that is geared specifically for me and my lifestyle. Love!!


Oh my, where to start... I just read your book in 1 day. We are still dirt poor and I rely mostly on hand-me-downs (which have been extremely plentiful) but now I at least know what colors and styles to keep, and which items to save up and spend some good money on. After 5 babies in 10 years and sporting the ever-so-elastic sweats and yoga pants style, I feel like I have some direction to go now that I'm starting to develop an actual style. Thank you!


This is going to challenge me while blessing me at the same time!