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Registration is currently closed but opens again in September 2023. Scroll to learn about our amazing VIP community!


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The Style Adventure VIP Membership Includes:



On the first Monday of each month you will be introduced to the featured fashion lesson. Resources are housed inside your personal online library where you have access to your video lessons and downloads so you never have to wonder where they are.



A monthly style lesson from those who have blazed the trail and gone before us! Each guest speaker will help you in your personal style journey as they share the wisdom they've learned along the way.



A special monthly lesson will encourage you with a message related to our strong foundation in Christ. These lessons will be brought to you by Shari or guest biblical teacher, speaker or author.



Take a “peek behind the curtain” as we virtually travel around the world!  We’ll go on a field trip every month and explore new places, people and occupations.



The fun, community, joy, friendships, fashion and faith take on a life of their own inside our private Facebook group. If you don’t have a FB account, you can still get access to all the other resources, but we'd hate for you to miss out on the enjoyment of this group, though we understand that some people don’t have a Facebook account so we’ve made the other resources available without having to join the Facebook group. 

Step Up Your Style and Grow in Confidence!

  • Life is an adventure!  Your fashion should reflect the season you’re in and the journey you’re on.  The VIP community will encourage and support your progress as you travel through this Style and Fashion grand adventure together! 
  • Weekly guided lessons on topics related to where you are in life RIGHT NOW will help you move forward with self-assurance and momentum.
  • You'll look and feel beautiful and authentic as you discover how to be your very best self!

A Message From Shari...

Hi! Our team has been fervently praying for all those who are considering joining this VIP community and I'm hoping that it's YOU!

So, here's a little bit about me:) I've been in the fashion and style industry for over 30 years and it all began in Miami, Florida where I graduated from college with a degree in Fashion Merchandising.  After working a few years as a buyer and manager for a specialty store's cosmetic department I opened up an image consulting firm. I have been helping women look and feel good in their clothes for many years. After moving to North Carolina, God called me to bring the message of fashion and faith to churches through speaking.  I joined Proverbs 31 as part of their speaker team and later ventured out on my own. Several years ago the VIP community was born out of my desire for helping women in their second act rediscover themselves through style and purpose. I sure hope you'll join us as your transformation is about to get real! Let's do this! 

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 #1-Watch and Learn at Your Convenience

As an expert in the field of fashion and style, Shari will lead the weekly sessions each Monday but if you can't watch LIVE, they will be put in your online library by Tuesday afternoon to watch at your convenience!

#2- Personal Online Library 

You will always have access to your training while a VIP! Unlike being in class where you may forget some of the information you learned, with full access to your training library, you can go back again and again to review your lessons.

#3-Private Online Community

As a VIP, you are invited to take part in our private Facebook community to share, ask questions, post photos of outfits for feedback and get support from our fabulous and kind Style Squad who is always there to lend a helping hand with gentle and uplifting advice.

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