The Color Academy

The premier certification that uses color to help transform others' lives!

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You love people
+ You love fashion
= Your new calling!

At Style by Color Academy, we're not just about discovering your personal style; we're about equipping you to illuminate the path for others on their style journey. Our certifications will make you a guide, capable of revealing the style potential in everyone you meet.

Using the science and art of color analysis, you'll become an expert not just in clothes, but also inner beauty and confidence. As a Style by Color Academy certified consultant, you'll have the tools and knowledge to turn any closet into a curated boutique, tailored to the unique colors and styles that best suit each individual.

As a graduate of our Academy, you're not just enhancing wardrobes; you're helping women reflect their worth from the inside out.

The Color Academy

will give you the tools you need to help others feel more confident and stylish. 


Our certifications will help you...

  • Empower Others with Color¬†through comprehensive color analysis¬†or image consultant training, enabling you to expertly identify individual color characteristics and style needs.

  • Start Consulting Now¬†with all the necessary tools, techniques, and professional credentials to offer high-value services.

  • Create¬†Amazing Experiences¬†and guide your clients¬†to their best colors and styles, reminding them of their worth and increasing their confidence.

Get ready to help others reinvent the way they choose clothing, wear their best colors, and express their style from the inside out!



  • You're struggling to find¬†a program with¬†customized training that also aligns with your passion for people.

  • You're wondering if your investment in certification is worth it.

  • You're doubting if you can "really do this" even though you've wanted to for so long.

Friend, you have exactly what it takes, and we want to help provide the tools and training you need at honest prices.

Hundreds of women are making a difference using color

You can impact the lives around you, cultivating confidence in women who need to feel seen and beautiful.




Because it is based on the Biblical perspective of beauty and faith, it's different than other image consulting training programs. We're all created in the image and likeness of God. We're all fearfully and wonderfully made, yet we're all created differently, and that's wonderful. No woman should ever feel less than beautiful because she doesn't have a particular body type. Teaching women to love the body God gave them without making them feel inadequate is the highlight of my sessions.
Danyel Lemus, Image & Etiquette Coach, Owner of DL Consulting, Mt. Wolf, PA


clients love style by color's digital tools

I've dipped my toes in the waters of other outfit planners and the Closet Outfit Planner outshines them all! Style by Color's digital download not only assists you in curating a cohesive wardrobe of classic pieces, but is your all-in-one source for staying up-to-date on the season's latest trends. But, where it really shines is offering you a customized planner based on your coloring, because not everyone looks great in black! It also takes into consideration your body shape and style personality, recognizing that not everyone looks their best in the same styles. My clients love it and I earn a portion of the sale as an affiliate!

Kristin Hoenicke, Certified Consultant, Georgetown, TX

help your clients find

color & style

 You'll gain the skill to provide an exceptional Color Experience. See an in-person appointment in action!


Become A Certified Color Consultant


When you join you'll receive...

  • 2 days of comprehensive Color Analysis training (Color Academy and all included resources) (LIVE sessions on Zoom)
  • 1 day of Getting Started in Your Consultant Career training (LIVE session on Zoom)
  • Online Library with lifetime access to training videos
  • Certification upon completion
  • Certification Badge to display on your website
  • Professional Color Test Capes made specifically for Style by Color Consultants
  • Professional Development opportunities

Which will help you...

  • Identify the specific color characteristics of individuals
  • Provide an outstanding Color Experience¬†during your in-person or virtual consultations
  • Guide¬†your clients to choose their best colors using the Color Swatch Decks and/or Digital Color Swatches
  • Immediately start helping others with color as your business or passion

You'll also receive...

  • Virtual Color Analysis Tools
  • Step-by-step guide to The Color Experience
  • Wholesale purchasing options for supplies

Become A Certified Christian Image Consultant


When you join you'll receive...

  • 2 days of comprehensive Color Analysis training (Color Academy and all included resources) (LIVE sessions on Zoom)
  • 2 days of Image Consultant training (LIVE sessions on Zoom)
  • 1 day of Getting Started in Your Consulting Career training (LIVE session on Zoom)
  • Online Library with lifetime access to training videos
  • Style by Color's Style System
  • Basic methods of Image Consulting
  • Consulting on Body Shapes, Frame Size, and Face Shapes
  • Style Statement Exercise for clients
  • Style Appointment Procedures and Outline
  • Personal Shopping Technique
  • Wholesale purchasing options for supplies
  • Certification upon completion
  • Certification Badges to display on your website
  • Professional Color Test Capes made specifically for Style by Color Consultants

Which will help you...

  • Set up your color & image consulting business
  • Identify the specific color characteristics and right styles of individuals
  • Create an outstanding Style Experience for your clients
  • Guide¬†your clients how to choose cuts and styles of clothing that look best on them
  • Share your faith and Beauty in the Bible

You'll also receive...

  • Step-by-step guide to The Color Experience
  • Step-by-step guide to The Style Experience
  • Virtual Color Analysis Tools
  • ¬†Style Appointment Tools
  • Professional Development opportunities


Color Consultant Certification for $3997


Academy Training Dates 

THURSDAY, JUNE 13, 2024 - 5-9pm ET

FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2024 - 5-9pm ET

SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 2024 - 10am-2pm ET




Enroll now and use your certification to deeply impact the women in your community!

Shari Braendel

CEO & Founder of Style by Color

"I've been in the image industry for over 30 years and it all began in Miami, Florida, where I graduated from college with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. After working a few years as a buyer and manager for a specialty store's cosmetic department, I ventured out on my own and opened an image consulting firm.

I became FASCINATED with color when Color Me Beautiful blew onto the scene...I could NOT get enough of learning about it! I was trained in the 4 seasons system, and later, the 12 seasons system until I developed my own system years later (I'll tell you all about that in class!)

Eventually, I moved to North Carolina where I started speaking and writing (after spending seven years in Mary Kay where I earned 3 pink Cadillacs until God called me out on my own). In 2010, my first book came out ("Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad") and that's the same year I started the Christian Image Consultant Academy. The Color Academy began a few years ago to keep up with the demand of women wanting to be trained in Color Analysis. I have so much to teach you and can't wait to get to know you!

The desire of my heart is that every woman would develop a deep understanding of her personal style and her best colors so she can reflect her true identity and remain relevant in today’s visual world."

I'm ready to learn the power of color!



I recently moved across the country, making this our 7th move in 6 years. I’m constantly having to start over and this particular transition hasn't been the easiest for me. At the same time, I took the Color Academy course and became certified as a Color Consultant, then soon completed the CIC training and became a Certified Image Consultant. This new venture has really given me renewed purpose in this chapter of my life! My business has taken off in a matter of a just a few weeks! I will be forever grateful for the education and continued support that Style by Color has given me!

Danielle Morrison, Certified Consultant, Raleigh, NC


I have been able to take what has been laid on my heart for years to really use it to help other people. This system is very simple to use. It is simple for the client to understand. And quite frankly, it just works.

Cheryl Staron, Consultant, Speaker & Style After 55 Coach, Zephyrhills, FL


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