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Host a Color Confidence Workshop for the women you serve who are healing from crisis or's completely FREE!


What is the Women Matter Initiative?


Why we started WMI:

The Women Matter Initiative (WMI) was created after Style by Color founder, Shari Braendel, recognized the impact her workshop had on a Texas nonprofit that served victims of sex-trafficking. The  workshop provided the women with a sense of dignity and confidence. This inspired Style by Color to extend its services to nonprofits worldwide.


What we offer:

Women Matter Initiative works in conjunction with nonprofit organizations to serve women healing from crisis or distress. Through the program, WMI Ambassadors provide FREE Color Confidence Workshops to nonprofits that serve women who are recovering from traumatic experiences such as the following: Crisis Pregnancy, Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Addiction Recovery, Domestic Violence, Suicide Survivors, Homelessness, and Cancer Support.


How it works:

During the Color Confidence Workshop (live or virtual), the women will participate in an interactive session that includes a customized color analysis. Through these workshops, we aim to teach women how to dress with confidence and dignity, be encouraged and most of all, have fun!

Our Ambassadors have a special heart for ministering to women! Each one has gone through extensive training to learn just what to say and how to say it to encourage the women you serve.



  • " I love being an ambassador because this is something I can do to minister to women who may be hurting, overwhelmed, or insecure. Everyone deserves to feel loved and valued and the WMI program addresses this perfectly." -Joy Van Zuiden, Women Matter Initiative Ambassador
  • “Style by Color impacted me on a deep, emotional level, allowing me to heal from emotional wounds caused by a traumatic experience in my past. My hope is that the Women Matter Initiative will help these women be able to do the same,” -Melissa Cline, Women Matter Initiative Co-Director
  • “The suffering and challenges many women face are unbelievable and quite honestly horrifying. Coming alongside these beautiful creations to express love, identify their true beauty, and provide hope in their future is a humbling privilege.” -Jennifer McAlexander, Women Matter Initiative Ambassador


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 Melissa Cline

My husband and I live in Delray Beach, FL. I currently work as the Operations Manager for Style by Color.

I first discovered Shari Braendel of Style by Color in 2014 when I happened across Shari’s book “Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad” at my church bookstore. Her book and ministry impacted me on a deep level, helping me heal from the emotional wounds of my past. I also learned to love and accept my physical appearance as God created me, as a unique and beautiful creation in Him, rather than comparing myself to the world’s standard of beauty.

I did not start out with a career fashion, but wanting to make a difference in other women’s lives the way Shari impacted mine, I left my career as an environmental chemist and became a Certified Christian Image Consultant in 2016. When Style by Color started the Women Matter Initiative in 2018, I was thrilled when asked to be a co-director for the initiative. Here, I have been able to use my passion and certification to help women healing from crisis or distress.

Sally Luebben

My husband and I live in Richland, WA. We're "empty-nesters" with 5 grown kids and a passel of grankids, including one great-grandchild. I work as the Chief People Officer for Style by Color.

I started following Shari Braendel on her various outlets in 2014 when her system was recommend by someone in an online forum. The Lord kept pointing me to her as I contemplated the changes and opportunities that come when children grow up and live on their own. The thought that my love of color and style could be combined with faith to help women feel uplifted and wholly beautiful seemed like an answer to prayer. I became a Certified Christian Image Consultant in June 2016.

As a co-director for the Women Matter Initiative, I have the honor and blessing to work with Melissa, Ambassadors and non-profit organizations to help women healing from crisis or distress reflect the beauty God created within them.


We are very excited to learn more about your organization so we may serve you! Once you fill out the form, Sally or Melissa will contact you to share next steps.

We want you to be happy! Need assistance? Email our Chief People Officer: [email protected] 

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