Digital Color Collections


Have your best colors at your fingertips!

Save time and money with flattering and focused color options. The Digital Color Collection will help you dress with style and create a wardrobe that makes you look and feel fantastic!

This unique color tool is a set of your 36 best colors you can access right from your phone, tablet or computer. Includes a 12 page color guide plus, twice a year you will also receive your best fashion trend colors! With these high definition colors you’ll be able to shop with confidence.

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Fall + Winter Closet Outfit Planner


This 6 month Closet Outfit Planner shows you how to build a fabulous wardrobe with just 27 pieces plus 12 more added in winter.  Many of the items are already in your closet, but just in case, we always add shopping links with a variety of price points for each piece. With these items, you'll have over 140 outfit combinations to last all season! 

Outfit planning has never been so easy! 

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27 Hangers Course 


This customized online course that will help you identify the problem pieces in your wardrobe, learn to shop on purpose, not on impulse, and pare down your closet to the 27 pieces that will fit, flatter, and make you fashion-forward!

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