"Step into who you truly are and live a vibrant, colorful life."

- Shari Braendel

Shari Braendel 

"Queen Bee"

Founder & CEO

Hi, I'm Shari Braendel

Founder of Style by Color

My passion in life has always centered around fashion and style. 

Growing up in a small town, I was always grateful that my mother had such a flair for style. In the second grade, I was the only one who carried a purse that matched my shoes. As a teenager, I loved putting together different outfits with just the right colors and accessories.

Author, style editor, speaker, educator, and professional image consultant, I've now turned my passion for fashion into an easy-to-follow system that anyone can use to unlock their style potential and start enjoying how they look and feel, like never before. 


Meet the Rest of the Style by Color Team!

Melissa Cline

"Helper Honeybee"

Operations Manager



Heidi Brubaker

"Witty Wordsmith"

Communications, Design, & Social Media Manager

Sally Luebben

"Happiness Hero"

Chief People Officer

Amy Edwards

"Impact Igniter"

Professional Development Director

Danielle Morrison

"Countess of Color"

In-House Color Expert

Kim Nowlin

"Top COP"

Closet Outfit Planner Workshop Facilitator

Donna Roland

"Glitter Godmother"

Community Mentor

Neysa Thorell

"Creative Contessa"

Creative Strategist

Joy VanZuiden

"Fabulous Fashion Finder"

Closet Outfit Planner Catalog Manager

Kara Zawodniak

"Editor Extraordinaire"

YouTube Editor